November 11, 1835 when decided upon the establishment of the "society of the friends of the Arts of the sum, there were more than 10 years that the idea of a such a grouping"was in the air Amiénois"and stated as and as examples were given by Lyon, by Douai...
It was discovered in these cities that the duty to encourage the arts was now has other social groups larger than, princes, nobles, prelates, senior officials, who had exercised in ancient France. that this action was, since the Revolution to all men of good culture and taste.
Several attempts of creation of this company will fail without a presenter skilled and tenacious: it will be in 1835 the Mayor of Amiens Dr. Charles Gabriel Lemerchier, his leadership of the city's business was short from May 18, 1835 to February 18, 1839, but how much fruitful!  Street lighting by gas, creation of the rooms of asylums, opening of streets, passage through channels Amiens railway to the study and for us especially the creation of "society of friends of Arts".
November 11, 1835 articles are discussed and written, on January 9, 1836 the Minister of the Interior approves: 24 are elected president: Dr. Lemerchier vice president, County of Betz.
Before 1901, the associations did not exist and the Le Chapelier law prohibited all the reunification supporters... it is therefore a company which will be created with special supervision of the Minister of the Interior. A letter from the era of the Director of the police to the Minister of the Interior asked the prefect of: "monitor the meetings, so report me the observations to which they may give rise.... ».
The purpose of this company is to encourage artists and develop emulation.
The company consists of members and shareholders.
Members are those who take at least 8 shares.
The company organizes public exhibitions (paid) and uses its resources for the acquisition of works of art to be distributed to its members through the fate at general meetings.
Prior to 1861, the Mayor of Amiens was es - quality effective president.
The first who was elected was the County of Betz. Then succeeded Eugene Dausse, Henri Dauphin, of Maryam, Louis dewailly, Georges Tattegrain, Jules Boquet, doctor Peugniez, Jean de Francqueuville... etc.... so many names that say something to the Amiénois.
On July 23, 1933, the society is recognized of public utility by the president of the Republic Albert Lebrun.
The first departmental exhibition held in 1835 and 1836 of Delacroix sends 2 tables, from 1856 to 1882 of the canvases of Chris, Pissaro, Ziem...A Carpeau sculpture... then later Vlaminck, Picasso, Utrillo, etc.... See Document
These exhibitions were also all regional artists.
Departmental exhibitions took place since 1835 all 2 or 3 years (today all years) with painful interruptions due to 14.18 and 39.45 wars but the Association des Amis des Arts despite significant losses during these wars 2 was able to continue its action.